On March 2, 1995 I become one out of 800 people in the United States born with a rare birth defect called Moebius Syndrome.

Moebius Syndrome is a rare neurological condition affects mainly the sixth and seventh cranial nerves, but can affect up to twelve of the facial nerves. This condition causes partial facial paralysis which means patients with Moebius cannot:

  • Smile
  • Frown
  • Suck
  • Grimace
  • or move their eyes laterally

Patients with more severe cases has issues including respiratory problems, clubbed hands or feet, speech and swallowing disorders, and autism. I am blessed that I happen to be one of the milder cases of Moebius, and I have even been able to receive corrective surgery to allow me to smile.

Living with Moebius has taught me a lot about learning to love yourself as who you are. But I’m not perfect – I have days when I’m riddled with insecurities.

Everyone goes through those insecurities at some both, disability or not. I hope this blog can be a positive community for both people with disabilities and those learning to love themselves.

This is my life – behind the smile.